AGM Surveys

Above Ground Markers (AGM) are surveyed tool tracking points that are used to record passage of the tool in the pipeline. A successful tool run starts with a well laid out AGM survey. Access and survey precision of AGM points during a tool run is critical to the efficiency and success of tracking the tool. It also allows you to detect pipeline anomalies or defects with a higher degree of accuracy. Sub-decimetre precision results in better data – which contributes to greater first run success, safety, and quality management.

We work with you and the smart tool vendor to determine when and where AGMs should be placed, including in hard to reach areas where pre-set can AGMs can be utilized.

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Why Perform an Above Ground Marker (AGM) Survey?

An AGM survey is an important component of internal pipeline inspection. A proper AGM survey reduces the chainage errors and improves your ability to precisely pinpoint pipeline anomalies. Proper placement of AGMs is crucial to both safety and performance.