Integrity Dig Management & Execution

We specialize in the planning, organizing and execution of pipeline integrity dig programs.

Following an ILI tool run where anomalies and potential integrity issues have been identified from the tool data, an integrity dig program must be developed to investigate the high risk anomalies detected. From this point we work directly with you to plan out your dig program.

Starting with a dig site survey, our surveyors detail out a safe work perimeter for the required dig site including locating other pipelines and buried facilities in the dig area. You are provided with a detailed dig drawing with all important items geo-referenced from survey shots taken on location. Items such as roads, site access, terrain, water features, crossing requirements and land owner feedback are contained within our Dig Sheets.

Once dig sites have been surveyed and documented a dig program timeline is developed with you to plan out the digs in a sequence that is most efficient. We also coordinate with you to ensure approved sub-contractors are organized to carry out the digs in the program.

Execution of the investigative digs is a coordinated effort between your team, our Project Manager and our field Inspector. Features and anomalies identified from the ILI tool data are located and verified during the dig process and are repaired with a composite or weld on sleeve or cut-out of the pipeline and replaced with new pipe.

Our Inspectors are there for the entire process until the dig site is back-filled, site access is repaired and the topsoil and native vegetation restored to the dig site.

For each dig site a project documentation package is completed that contains the details, forms, photos, costs and other project information collected by the inspector.