ILI Inspection Coordination

We have inspected over a thousand pipelines. In that time, we’ve seen every type of product, configuration and application. This includes: high and low flow rates, variable pressure differentials, heavy wall pipe and dual diameter lines. Put this wealth of experience to work for you on your next ILI run.

Our ILI Services Include

  • Smart Tool Runs
  • Cleaning Tool Runs
  • Commissioning of Pipeline
  • Decommissioning of Pipeline
  • Pipeline Line Purge
  • Pipeline Re-flood
  • And more

Pipeline Products Experience

  • Natural Gas and Propane
  • Crude Oil & Condensate
  • Methane, Ethane & H2S Environments
  • Diesel & Refined Fuels
  • Nitrogen
  • Production Water
  • Potash Slurry
  • And more

Why use an ILI Coordinator?

Unlike regular maintenance pigging programs, smart tool inspection programs require considerably more attention and care to ensure the smart tools perform effectively. If the person in charge is not experienced with smart tool inspections, the pipeline owners run the risk of not obtaining reliable information. This lead to additional costs for reruns. More importantly, it can significantly impact the accuracy of integrity models.