ILI Solutions

Often the skill set required to successfully complete smart tool internal inspection programs is not fully appreciated. Unlike regular maintenance pigging programs, smart tool inspection programs require considerably more attention and care to ensure the smart tools perform effectively. If the person in charge of the program is not experienced with smart tool inspections, the pipeline owners run the risk of not obtaining reliable information. Not only can this lead to additional costs for reruns, but more importantly, incorrect information potentially being used to populate their integrity database and impact their integrity models.
At In-Line Pigging Solutions (ILPS) our strength comes from our extensive office and field experience in the successful management of all aspects of internal inspection projects from a pipeline operator’s perspective. The combination of experience, understanding, innovativeness, and industry contacts provides us with a unique understanding of the pipeline issues our clients face and the ability to provide the value added services they expect. It is this understanding that has helped ILPS grow to a company that provides more than pig tracking services, but rather comprehensive internal inspection support.