Our Regina Office Has Moved

Don’t worry it’s not far. If you are standing in front of our old location and wondering where we went, take 20 steps to your left. We have moved one bay over in the same building that we were previously in.

Our previous location was getting a bit cramped and we were outgrowing it, so when a larger bay next door became vacant, we decided to jump on it. Our official date for the move was supposed to be January 1, 2018, but we got the paperwork signed off and the green light from the Landlord and Chris and Rob immediately moved everything over to the new bay within a few days of getting things signed off.

Come by and visit us. There is a bit more room to move around. We will be having an office warming event sometime in the spring where we can fire up the barbeque out back.

The official address is:
1831D MacRae Drive
Regina, SK S4N 0S4