Temporary Launchers & Receivers

With many the older pipeline systems, their design never considered the need for pigging and often launcher and receiver facilities were not installed. As these systems matured the availability and variety of smart tools increased and due to regulatory changes pipeline companies are now required to inspect pipelines in their system that were never designed for inspection. With inspection frequencies of 5 years being typical, it can be difficult to justify the capital cost to install permanent launcher and receiver facilities.

To assist Clients who are interested in inspecting their pipelines but don’t want to spend the capital to install permanent launcher and receiver assemblies; In-Line Pigging Solutions has a fleet of rental launcher and receiver barrels and extension spools. The rental launcher and receivers available include:

  • NPS 6
  • NPS 8
  • NPS 10

In addition to the rental launcher and receiver, In-Line can provide:

  • Extension Spools in NPS 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes
  • High Pressure hoses for kicker lines
  • High Pressure fittings
  • Launcher and Receiver Installation and Removal Support
  • QA/QC package for Launchers and Receivers

Rentals are available by the project or by the month. If you require launchers and receivers for your next pigging project, please contact our sales department and we would be pleased to provide you with a price quote and confirm the dates of availability for your project.

If we do not have the launcher and receiver sizes in our fleet we can source your required size through our extensive industry contacts. Call our Sales office (403-930-9149) to obtain a quote or email