Other Polyguard Products

606 Filler Tape

Polyguard 606 is a cold applied bitumen based protective coating with a continuous filament thermoplastic fiber randomly imbedded in the compound of the coating. 606 Filler tape is used in conjunction with RD-6 tape and is designed for hand application over weld seams and as filler material for irregular shaped pipe, valve bodies, flange bolts and compression fittings.

The continuous filament thermoplastic fibers are highly dispersed within the filler tape giving it high tensile strength and tear resistant properties. 606 filler tape is adhesive on both sides and is applied with the same 600 Liquid Adhesive used with RD-6.

Some of the advantages of the 606 Filler Tape include:

  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Excellent resistance to water infiltration and vapor transmission
  • Not subject to deterioration from below ground acids and alkalis in soil
  • Excellent elastomeric properties to accommodate normal expansion and contraction

606 Filler Tape

SP-6 Un-Bonded Outerwrap

Polyguard SP-6 Un-Bonded Outerwrap is an integral art of the RD-6 Coating System. It consists of a strong non-woven, felt-like polypropylene fabric that is engineered to provide high bursting strength and low elongation properties. SP-6 outer-wrap is applied after RD-6 has been applied and acts as a protective layer to RD-6 during backfill. SP-6 has excellent soil stress resistance properties, which maintains the integrity of the RD-6 coating during backfill and any subsequent geotechnical stresses after the pipeline is in the ground.

SP-6 Un-Bonded Outerwrap

NHT – 5600 2-Part Epoxy

NHT-5600 is a 100% solid, VOC free epoxy designed to work in conjunction with FBE coated pipe and is specially formulated for extended pot life while maintaining a cure time comparable to other epoxies. NHT-5600 is used for the protection of pipeline field joint girth welds, valves, fittings, as a holiday repair material on FBE coated pipe, and for pipeline coating rehabilitation.

  • Extended Pot Life (30 – 50% longer) through a gradual controlled chemical reaction
  • High temperature cathodic disbondment resistance tested to 175°F (80°C)
  • Fast touch, dry, and cure times with superior adhesion characteristics
  • Environmentally friendly with no offensive vapors or fumes, Isocyanate free
  • Excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • High build (up to 50 mils in a single coat)

NHT – 5600 2-Part Epoxy

Polyguard IRO

Polyguard’s Impact Resistance Outerwrap (IRO) is a strong fiberglass wrap that is pre-impregnated with a water activated resin that hardens in minutes. It is designed for use as a coating over field joints to protect them from damage during installation during directionally drilled applications.
Polyguard IRO

RG-2400 Reactive Gel

Polyguard’s RG-2400 Reactive Gel is a hand applied coating that stops and prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) often found in above ground and station piping.

RG-2400 Reactive Gel

Polyguard Mastic Coatings

Polyguard Mastic coatings are cold applied brush on coatings used for corrosion resistance protection and waterproofing underground metal surfaces.

CA-9 Mastic is a solution of coal tar and vinyl resin that has enhanced resistance to crude oil. CA-14 Mastic is a general maintenance coating of bitumen and mineral filler for use on buried steel. If further protection is required, Polyguard 400 wrap is a reinforcing fabric to be used over Polyguard Mastics.

Mastic Coatings

600 Series Coating Systems

Polyguard 600 series of coatings are for hand application in the coating and wrapping of station piping, field joints, repairs on mill coated pipe, gas distribution and for reconditioning of older lines. The 600 CP series is non-shielding and backed with a white polyethylene film and comes in rolls of either 35 or 50 mils thickness. The 600 UV 350 Corrosion Coating System is used for above ground piping where damage from UV rays is a concern. Polyguard 600 UV 350 comes in 50 mil thickness rolls only.

600 Series Coating System

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