Polyguard RD-6 Coating System

In-Line Pigging Solutions is pleased to be a distributor of Polyguard Pipeline Products in Canada. We can supply your company with Polyguard Pipeline Products across Canada with the exception of British Columbia.

RD-6 Coating System

The Polyguard RD-6 Coating System is used for girth welds, new pipe, plant piping and the reconditioning of older pipelines. It is Polyguard’s flagship pipeline product. It is a two-ply geotextile backed coating system that does no shield cathodic protection systems.

The RD-6 Coating System comes in rolls of varying widths, similar to other traditional tape coating products. However RD-6 is considerably different and should not be viewed as just another tape coating product. Compared with traditional tape coating, the RD-6 Coating System’s geotextile backing is many times stronger and far less stretchable than solid film back tapes; as well, the RD-6 Coating System does not shield cathodic protection currents.

Some of the advantages of the RD-6 Coating System include:

  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Non- Shielding of Cathodic Protection currents
  • High Strength and Low Stretch-ability (Elongation) Geotextile Backing
  • Excellent Resistance to High Temperature and Cathodic Disbondment
  • Ability to Backfill Immediately after application
  • Elastomeric Properties accommodate normal substrate expansion and contraction

RD-6 is applied in a 2 part process with Polyguard 600 or 601 Liquid Adhesive. RD-6 also comes in an off-shore version for marine pipeline applications. For more information on the RD-6 Coating System or other Polyguard Products, please click on the product links below or contact Rod Youngblood at 587-349-5896 or by email at You may also visit the Polyguard website at

Polyguard RD-6 Advantages

RD-6 Application Specifications

RD-6 Coating System