Pigging Products

Temporary Launchers and Receivers

In-Line Pigging Solutions offers rental services for companies that wish to inspect their pipelines but don’t want to spend the capital to install permanent launcher and receiver assemblies. This includes a fleet of rental launcher and receiver barrels, as well as extension spools. The rental launcher, receivers, and extension spools are available in; NPS 6”, NPS 8”, and NPS 10”.

Additional rental services include:

  • Launcher and Receiver Installation and Removal Support
  • High Pressure Hoses for Kicker Lines
  • High Pressure Fittings
  • QA/QC Package for Launchers and Receivers

Rentals are available by the project or by the month. If you require launchers and receivers for your next pigging project, please contact our sales department and we would be pleased to provide you with a price quote and confirm the dates of availability for your project.


In-Line Pigging Solutions stocks and supplies a variety of TDW, Inline Services, and Apache Pipeline Product tools. We can supply you with standard sized poly, batch, foam or gauge pigs from one of our trusted suppliers.

We can also build a custom fit-to-purpose pig based on your specifications. We stock pig body mandrels, magnets, brushes and scrapers along with polyurethane cups and disks of varying durometers.

In some instances, it is more economical to rent one of our cleaning pigs and return the mandrel, magnets and steel parts to us for cleaning and reuse.


We carry transmitters that are effective for 3″ to 36″ diameter pipelines. In most instances our transmitters are rented; however, they are also available for purchase.