Clock Spring Composite Sleeve Repair System

In-Line Pigging Solutions is proud to offer Clock Spring® pipeline repair systems and products. Clock Spring is the world’s leading manufacturer of composite pipeline repair solutions. Clock Spring repairs are fast, economical and easy. There is no cutting or welding required. This eliminates risks to the environment and there is no costly down time. Clock Spring’s cost-effective solutions have withstood the rigors of peer review, management questions, and real-world conditions time and time again.

Clock Spring Composite Repair Sleeve

Clock Spring® composite repair sleeve is a permanent field repair for damaged or corroded pipelines with up to 80% metal loss. Clock Spring® repair system consists of a high strength composite sleeve that is uniquely coiled to allow the sleeve to wrap tightly around the pipe. A strong two-part adhesive is applied to the wraps individually and then applied to the pipeline itself. The sleeves are shaped and sized to wrap around pipeline diameters from 4 to 56 inches.

Clock Spring is a safer option for pipeline repair as there is no need for hot work or welding. There is also no environmental risk. The Clock Spring repair systems is fast and economical. The reduced equipment and labour cost plus the fact that the pipeline is fully operational during the fix makes the Clock Spring repair system a more viable option for pipeline repairs. Additionally, for areas where the pipeline has been dug up and exposed, there is less waiting time to recoat and cover the pipeline compared to weld-on sleeves.

The Clock Spring pipe reinforcement and repair system has been commercially available since 1993. It is an engineering and field tested solution that has proven to be a reliable and economic pipeline repair solution.